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Best of the web - Floor cushion making tutorials

April 04, 2015 by Admin

Best of the web - Floor cushion making tutorials

Recently we have seen some great tutorials on making cushions, so we have decided to highlight five of the best.

1) Jelly Roll Floor Cushions – A bit different and a very detailed step by step guide.

2) Pillowcase Floor Cushions – A great guide for making use of old pillowcases, perfect for kids

3) Jumbo Floor Pillows – Maybe not the most detailed, but great results

4) Pouf Floor Cushion – A bit old but a great step by step guide.

5) Patchwork Floor Cushion – Saving the best for last, our favorite.  A very detailed step by step guide with great pictures and an even better results.

Remember, if you fancy giving this a go you can get fiber filling here:  Toy & Cushion Fiber

For any of you that don’t fancy all that hard work, we have done it for you, with our great value floor cushions

We would love to hear if any of you have tried any of the above, or if we have missed any good guides.

Remember, you can get fibre filling here:  Toy & Cushion Fibre