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A Student's Guide to Making a Home From Home

September 12, 2014 by Admin

A Student's Guide to Making a Home From Home

With the new university terms starting this month, we wanted to take a look at how freshers (and returning students) can make their university accommodation a home from home.  Whether you are looking for ways of celebrating your new found freedom or just ways of warding off any pangs of homesickness you have come to the right place!

24th September 2000.  I woke with a slightly fuzzy head having discovered the delights of Snake-bite and Black.  I looked around my new home – a University owned shared house somewhere in the middle of Leicester.  From memory the décor sat somewhere between a prison and a doctors surgery.

Fast forward 13 years and there will be thousands of students experiencing the same.  However, you guys will all have one thing I didn’t – the internet.  Yes, yes, yes of course the internet was invented back in 2000 – in fact the Dot.com Bubble was about to burst.  However, it was very different then it is now.  For a start the only way I could access it was in the University Library and even then I did not know how to use it!

So whilst we only had Woolworths to help us try and make our home more “homely” students now have the World as their oyster – literally.  So without further ado here is my five step guide to making your new home from new.

1 – Bedding

If, like me, you’re sent off to university with bedding that pre-dated style and good taste (mine was faded brown and looked like a prop from Ashes to Ashes) – this might need to be your first stop.  You can easily get stylishing bedding for less than £10 –Bedding World and Terry’s  Fabric  have great selections.    You can also make it look much more homely with a few scatter cushions – available from PetnHome for less than a tenner.

2 – Posters

Somewhere in the laws of being a student is written “thou must own at least four Posters”.  So, to get you going All Posters have 1000s of different varieties – I have always been a fan of pop art prints.

3 – Bean bags & Floor cushions

Whilst at university you will have house parties, otherwise what’s the point in going!  So you need some emergency chairs.  Floor cushions and bean bags are ideal for this – there also perfect for laying on whilst watching tv  reading your course text books.  PetnHome sell great floor cushions starting from just £14.99


4 – Crockery

If you decide to avoid the temptation of just using paper plates to save on washing up – then you need some crockery.  Ikea is the ideal place for minimalist and cheap dinnerware.

5 – Photo frames

A great way of warding off homesickness is having photos of you friends and family.  Back in the day we had to get pictures developed (imagine that!) but now you can print them yourselves – a photoframe like this is ideal for showing multiple images.

PetnHome would love to see pictures of your new university accommodation and any other ideas you have for making your university accommodation more homely – post your comments or email me at [email protected]