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Buyers guide - Scatter Cushions

April 08, 2014 by Admin

Buyers guide to Scatter Cushions


5 Tips for buying scatter cushions

Restyling a room can be a lengthy and often expensive process. In these days of austerity, people are increasingly looking at ways to add a new lease of life to rooms on a budget. Scatter cushions can be ideal for this.

Scatter cushions can be used to accentuate your current themes or can be used to create new styles. One popular use of scatter cushions is to spruce up old sofas, however increasingly people are using them in other areas of the house: beds, bathrooms or you can use a scatter cushion as a focus piece in a more minimalist design.


As scatter cushions are such a flexible interior design tool we thought we would put together a brief buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect cushions.

1. Check if your cushion includes the cushion pad

Many scatter cushions that you buy on the internet do not include the cushion pad (inner). Many retailers do this to reduce costs, so always double check before you order. All of the scatter cushions sold at PetNHome include cushion pads.

2. Not all cushion inners are equal

Whilst we are talking about the cushion pads, it is important to remember that its quality is also important both for comfort as well as ensuring that the cushion continues to look plump and presentable for years to come. Again, this is not something you need to worry about with PetNHome scatter cushion as all our cushion pads are polyester fibre filled and are plump filled for extra comfort.

3. Where are you going to use the cushion

Think about the purposes you want to use the cushion for, and ensure the material is suitable for it. If the cushion is going to be subject to everyday wear it is important that you have something hard wearing, such as this Caspian Blue Scatter Cushion.

4 Think of the effect you are trying to create

It is important to think of what you are trying to create. Do you want to create a contrast? How much of a focus point do you want it to be? For example on a light sofa, something like this black scatter cushion will make a striking impact.

5 Remember that colour is not the only contrast

If you are looking for a more subtle effect, you can contrast other things. If you are looking for a subtler effect then contrasting sizes of similar coloured cushions (maybe this large scatter cushionand this small scatter cushion) can be very effective. Or try contrasting textures by using leather cushions with a fabric sofa.

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